Why Train In Aesthetics ?

 Accredited Qualifications

Accreditation of all our qualifications ensures that the required standard of training is consistently delivered and maintained.

All our courses are regulated by Ofqual respectively.

Full Insurance

Aesthetics University work alongside the market leaders in Cosmetic Insurance.

Peace of mind that your business is in safe hands.

Once qualified our students benefit from continuous support, help and reassurance.

Professionals at Aesthetics University are never more than a call away. 

Ongoing Support

Did you know that 90% of all cosmetic procedures in the U.K are non-surgical. Have you dreamt of a career in an ever expanding industry that rewards your expertise?


Welcome to the beginning of your dream career, here is where The Aesthetics Uni make it a reality!

Our bespoke Pathway into Aesthetics online course gives non medics the fundamental knowledge required to enrol onto one of our non medic injectables training courses.

Are you one of the millions of truly satisfied aesthetic clients who understand first hand just how great these treatments can make a person look & feel? Aesthetics is a fabulous industry and rewarding career choice for anybody to enter. With the correct training, skills & support; every single day YOU could be making people look great, smile & have more confidence!

Yes you, that daily feel good factor which comes from helping others look & feel fabulous can be attained sooner than you imagined. 

No matter what your present situation; few things can compare to total job satisfaction, and with our professional, theoretical, practical and highly supportive training  you can now live your dream. 

Begin your Aesthetics Career TODAY

We've tailor made a personal learning experience like you won't have ever experienced before. We deliver bespoke courses in a professional yet friendly and confidence building way. The Aesthetics Uni offer a ‘step by step’ approach to give you every ounce of our knowledge as experienced aestheticians. Our panel of medical experts ensure that your medical knowledge, safety of yourself & your client is fundamental to your education. 


The Aesthetics University will guide you through all the relevant Anatomy & Physiology, First Aid, CPR & Anaphlyaxis training and competencies necessary for your new career choice.

We welcome you into the fabulous world of Aesthetics...

Our course will offer you the ability to control your own destiny; you will become your own boss with flexible working hours.

We differ to other training companies, here at The Aesthetics University, in that our students learn either on a ‘one to one’ basis or in ‘very small groups’. It is intensive training, however you will feel comfortable and at ease the whole way through. 

We believe that education should be about the student embarking onto their new career confidently, and initially working with the skills learnt to then further progress onto another. Competency based learning and not quantity, if for any reason you do not feel confident in any way, our philosophy is that we will provide you with the extra training to get you to the level to offer the best treatments within the industry. We will be by your side until WE feel confident in YOU ....after all you are part of our team.

Bespoke Training

Although we have a bespoke training centre we can travel to you; we sometimes find it more personal for you when we carry out training in your own clinic or salon and it saves you the upheaval of having extra days out of work travelling. 

It also gives us a chance to see your place of work, and to advise you if there is anything that needs addressing,


Perhaps you may need important advice on waste disposal / clinical waste or advise on where a hand washing sink can be placed within your room. Other aesthetic training companies don’t do this, as it isn’t cost effective for them. 

Accredited courses for both Medics & Non Medics

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Beautiful young woman receiving filler injection in lips, closeup
Injections of botox,  woman having beauty treatment

Student Testimonials

"Excellent tuition, made me feel comfortable and confident in my own ability" - Sarah Evans, ORMSKIRK

"Enjoyed the course, I  learned so much, well structured and professional learning environment, yet very friendly" - Sonia Ahmed BIRMINGHAM

Aesthetics Association

We welcome you to be represented by an ethical, transparent association.

We are open to all professionals who deliver aesthetic treatments both medical and non medical.

The Aesthetics Association will become your new best friend.


If there is a particular course that you are really interested in completing, but it is not listed, please get in touch and we may be able to recommend another fantastic provider or introduce it within our training structure, offered, at the same level and standard as all of our other courses. 

Become a safe and competent injector

At The Aesthetics Uni we believe in being at the pinnacle of aesthetics, our courses are designed to educate and facilitate beginners and advanced practitioners. Our courses offer appropriate theory and practical injecting experience for clinical practice. 


We’d be happy to provide you with additional information about individual courses and instructors at The Aesthetics Uni. Click on the box below to choose a convenient time to schedule a call with a course coordinator

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