Anti Wrinkle Training


By introducing Wrinkle Relaxing to your treatment menu, you will drastically increase your revenue and income within your current business. If you do not have a current business, you may just know a large number of ladies in the school playground, family members or friends who have regular anti-wrinkle treatments. We can teach you how to get yourself well established and how to maintain your clients. This course includes an in-depth course manual – detailed consent forms, pre & post-treatment literature and reference material – everything you need to agree terms with your patient. A full introduction to the products – what they are and how to use them using all the latest methods.


Practitioner Level

A  practical course where you will study practical hands- the most popular ‘basic 4 areas’, of the upper part of the face. Watching extensive demonstration by the fabulous trainers here at The Aesthetics Uni & working on live models. The theory section of the course will be issued, a complete detailed course manual – with consent forms, pre & post-treatment literature and reference material – everything you need to agree terms with your patient. We will cover most modules within the training sessions, however there will be personal study elements.

  • Frown lines

  • Upper Forehead

  • Crow’s feet/smile lines

  • Bunnies 

Specialist Level

You will learn how to correctly inject the lower face for eliminating lines, wrinkles and face softening including:

  • Chin (to remove dimples and soften)

  • Upper Lip (smokers lines)

  • Brow Lift

  • Smile lift 

  • Reduce jowls 

  • Treatment Protocols

  • Related anatomy

  • Injection techniques

  • Health and hygiene

  • Managing adverse effects

  • Managing clients expectations


Master Level

Wrinkle Relaxing can be used on all kinds of areas of the face and the body to help eliminate concerns that your client may have.

Heres just a few of the areas that we can work on during advanced  session:


  1. Reduce a gummy smile

  2. Soften a jawline

  3. Lessen neck cords (platysmal bands)

  4. Lessen/stop teeth grinding 

  5. Re-cap session for previous areas expertise

  6. Common issues corrections 




By the end of this course you will be more than comfortable with these procedures and ready to help your clients look great and feel more confident. We’re sure that you will be excited with your new career. 

Once you have completed your training we wont just leave you to it. We really need to see how you are getting on & ask that you complete a number of case studies for post training evidence. This varies per individual & at course close you will be advised of what we require personally from you. These case studies will be in the form of client testimonials with photographic evidence of your new skills. You will learn more about what is required from you on your training days and you will be provided with all the information required to complete the requested. 

COURSE LENGTH & PRICE: on application


"Invest in expert skill and knowledge to attain the highest rewards"