Model Disclaimer

* I have consulted my Doctor within the last 3 months in regards to any medical concerns.

*I will have no other treatments 24/48 hours before my time as a model as this will compromise my suitability.

* I am aware that after any aesthetics treatment and that no make up is to be worn until at least 24 hours after treatment.

*This disclaimer is an acknowledgement that I have not been mis sold the opportunity to become a model, that I have been given enough time to contemplate and agree to becoming a model for students being taught aesthetics.

*I am aware that being a model  I may need to take up additional treatments to achieve the desired look I am aiming to achieve.

*I give my permission in the event of an emergency for a trained and qualified therapist to perform fist aid if necessary.

*I have given a full and accurate medical history

*Any medical concerns have been questioned with and dealt with by a Doctor

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