Facial Areas PDO Thread Lift


The advanced aesthetic procedure celebs are going crazy for! 

Offers a complete insight into the available products, which Threads to use when and where. The majority of the course focuses on various gauges and lengths of ‘threads’. 

Using, spirals, monks, screws and double spirals and the techniques that go alongside successful and effective lifting treatments during our training session. 

This allows indications like double chins, slack jawlines, crepey necks and décolletage areas to be quickly treated in clinic. The results last up to three years and take up to 6 months to completely take effect. Full knowledge of how the procedure works is covered on the course. 


Who can study on this course?


The PDO Thread Course is for the skillful injectors, who are already experienced in ‘dermal fillers’. There are so many areas to use PDO threads. 


The skill to use and select of all types of threads. The course covers all areas of the face and jawline.


PDO threads offer a safe and effective means to regenerate the skin. The PDO threads use the body’s own healing ability to regenerate from the dermis layer.

  • One of the only treatments available that actually tricks your body into creating collagen 

  • Non-invasive procedure to regenerate the skin & increase elesticity 

  • Increases firmness of the skin, tightens & lifts 

  • Creates a matrix and structure for the whole face

  • Improves the texture of the skin 


Ideal for contouring, sculpting, and lifting. Perfect for defining the jaw line to create a younger look.


By the end of this course you will be more than comfortable with these procedures and ready to help your clients look great and feel more confident. We’re sure that you will be excited with your new career. 

Once you have completed your training we wont just leave you to it. We really need to see how you are getting on & ask that you complete a number of case studies for post training evidence. This varies per individual & at course close you will be advised of what we require personally from you. These case studies will be in the form of client testimonials with photographic evidence of your new skills. You will learn more about what is required from you on your training days and you will be provided with all the information required to complete the requested. 

COURSE LENGTH & PRICE: on application


"Invest in expert skill and knowledge to attain the highest rewards"