Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


We are one of the only providers of this course to be able to offer the training to  non-medics as long as our insurance company approved access is accepted.   


The treatment involves a sample of the patient’s blood being taken from their arm (you must be trained in phlebotomy/venepuncture to take live bloods) and placed into a centrifuge, which spins it very rapidly to separate the plasma from the red blood cells.  The plasma can be injected directly into specific areas of the skin, or skin needling can be used to create tiny punctures across a larger area, to allow the plasma to be absorbed. These treatments are known as Vampire Facial & Vampire Facelift.


Skin rejuvenation and dermal filling using the body’s own natural filler called Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This treatment uses your own ‘autologous’ platelet-rich plasma as part of a comprehensive rejuvenation treatment.


Intensive hands on practical includes micro needling, addressing the client’s specific needs. This PRP training course covers both the vampire facelift & vampire facial ‘face’ for skin regeneration. Micro needling & injection techniques are covered. 

Using your body’s own growth factors in order for the skin to repair and rejuvenate; also called PRP or the Vampire facelift. This treatment can be used either as a stand-alone treatment for your clients or is ideal to compliment other treatments such as Dermal Rollering, Derma Pen or Mesotherapy. Part of the course will include taking of the blood (phlebotomy) and the use of a Centrifuge System. 

All delegates will be taught how to use a dermal roller to apply the PRP. The roller used is a 0.5mm roller (this does not qualify you in micro-needling, however, we do run a separate course should you wish to be trained in this procedure). 


You must have completed phlebotomy training, in live bloods not just completed training. 


  • Facial aesthetics  - why use PRP?

  • The history of plasma rich protein and its use in medicine.

  • Pharmacology and Toxicology

  • Anatomy and physiology

  • Patient management - expectations

  • Obtaining valid consent

  • How to achieve safe and predictable outcomes

  • Complication management and indemnity insurance information

  • Extraction, Preparation and Dosage Management

  • Injection techniques – face, neck and hands; also the use of cannula

  • How to maintain predictable outcomes

  • Hands on practical session - skin rejuvenation.


By the end of this course you will be more than comfortable with these procedures and ready to help your clients look great and feel more confident. We’re sure that you will be excited with your new career. 

Once you have completed your training we wont just leave you to it. We really need to see how you are getting on & ask that you complete a number of case studies for post training evidence. This varies per individual & at course close you will be advised of what we require personally from you. These case studies will be in the form of client testimonials with photographic evidence of your new skills. You will learn more about what is required from you on your training days and you will be provided with all the information required to complete the requested. 

COURSE LENGTH & PRICE: on application


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